Lowe’s House Love

Lowe’s House Love

Sometimes all a house needs is a little love.

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erennnnnnn says:

hey look it's joshua my classmate from grade 5, whaddup joshy

MrBlueSkyMrNight says:

I've been on You Tube since 2009 – best love song for a touching commercial like this.  Wow.

Stealth496 says:

Dear Lowes,

This was the best commercial I have seen in a very long time. It is the definition of what advertising should be. Brought a tear to my eye. You guys helped me out a lot with my renovation in the past. Thanks a lot to your Gainesville store on Archer road. The knowledge they gave me last year was excellent, and actually helped me get employed, (even if with your competitor). Keep up the good work.

VideoWithSound says:

don't give a f about lowe's marketing but flipping love this video =]

blurry baby says:

I didn't skip this ad and I never didn't regret anything more in my life. so cute

Rachel Nguyen says:

This made me cry 😭

i4got2p says:

Just saw this on tv and it's a great commercial, but man, that was the longest commercial ever. I kept thinking it was about to end and then, "We've only just begun," kept coming back haha.

Derpy Matthew Gaming says:

Is that guy josh from the dream works junk drawer?

Joni Cuquet says:

I just dont understand why the producers of the Lowes commercial version of The Carpenters song is nor aware that the song is sung soooo off key… they massacred the song, so sad!

RS Graham says:

Saw this commercial tonight, 'The Carpenters', originally a bank commercial jingle, LOVE IT!! So happy it was not for Coke!

colleen guerrero- pederson says:

Genius….couldn't have been cuter or smarter. Colours were sharp great. Personification of homes , the best idea….I am buying from you guys.

Erick Sencion says:

at the end the little boy is going to bang the little girl for reals no joke

Carolina Shaw says:

My husband and I just saw Lowe's commercial! Great marketing stratery and extremely cute! Commercial during The Voice, great spot!

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