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10 very useful house repair life hacks



markothevrba says:

Pretty good, but first one will ruin your saw blade.
If you're going to do first one at least move the saw back and forward a bit.

dirtrider 18 says:

I'm sorry but I'm a painter and if you need a roller pan or a rubber band to help you paint you shouldn't be painting

ShakoDaBows says:

the first one is soo wrong.. you will get problems putting a nut on the bolt because its not coned. i use the lathe, but i quess not everyone got a garage full of machines home. in that case just buy the right size :)

mentoring42 says:

Absolutely Awesome.

Brandon Jones says:

putting a magnet on the bit to magnetize it is nice, but why not just buy bits that are allready magnetized

Jack Duno says:

If I saw a contractor using any of these, I'd immediately suggest that the client hire someone else. For DIY guys, okay. But a big NO on the jobsite.

Adrian Simon says:

first one should be: how to fuck up your saw 😂

BionicForester19 says:

3rd video I've watched tonight. But…
Please go slower and learn English better for the captions.

Otherwise, good vids! 👍

AdaamVee says:

Its good to see that ur not repeating or copying other life hacks. They are all original. Nice shit!!

C Swan says:

that first one you should still keep a sawing motion or else the blade of the hacksaw is gonna dull in one spot and its not going to be useful

rhythmandacoustics says:

ALso I need to know the songs/tracks in your vids.

YT Red says:

1st: have fun dulling out that one specific spot on your saw

rhythmandacoustics says:

Hello, I am new to your Channel. You Sir are the modern McGuyver. Subscribed.

Artvin Hopalı says:

civata kestiği testerenin ağzı ısınıp bozulmuştur. Testere sabit tutulmaz….

LeoHareMusic says:

Maybe it's me, but I wouldn't use that type of hammer to drive nails. That raised red flags for me at the beginning.

MrSaxc97 says:

so you used a concrete drill to drill drywall, not a real life hack if you ask me

Frank White says:

well done. paint band very good

Steve D says:

first hack is incorrect! you need a nut above where the cut is going to be otherwise you may not get it to thread anymore. If the threads are buggered up, unscrewing the nut will make them right again.

Mlp Super says:

Nice subscribers

SGT Edilson (101AirborneSGT) says:

These ideas, yes ideas, take more time then getting the right tools for the right job, and doing it right the first time. All these are not good ideas, essentially you have to buy all these things to do shit half ass. so I have to spend $100 on a drill and a hacksaw to cut a bolt what about the file because I put the nuts on the wrong end, so I must buy beeswax when I could have just bought a nut driver with a sleeve.
fucking terrible ideas.
I hate when they use that term "life hack" fucking assholes, dorks, hipsters, douche bags, queers and tools and dickheads, use the term "Life Hack"

Alexis viame says:

Clearly this guy has a vagina!!!!

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