How To: Replace an iPhone 4 Home Button

How To: Replace an iPhone 4 Home Button

We had a lot of requests for this repair, so it’s finally here!

A broken or unresponsive home button on your iPhone 4 can be really annoying because it’s practically the only button on the phone. In this video we show you how to replace the home button on a GSM iPhone 4. The repair is similar for the CDMA version, but either way make sure you follow the step by step guide on our site when you’re performing your repair.

Repair Guide:

Tools & Parts:

Pro Tech Tool Kit:

54 Bit Driver Kit:

Plastic Opening Tools:


SIM Eject Tool:

iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly:

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newkhankhan says:

Needs to zoom in on more

WhyTee Kay says:

I saw my iphone 6 plus get opened up by a tech so I thought.. hmm how hard could an iphone 4 be… -_- nice vid though and thanks.

Coolride17 says:

Not a repair for the faint of heart , so much could go wrong, but this shows the general idea.

Kevin Colt says:

i could fuck you so good

TheFastMhz says:

fuck, all this for a home button? dang nabbit

pallav bhattarai says:

wow….how easily explained

Rolly Rhona says:

Pls fix my heart. Lol

Jauns e-pasts says:

It looks easy but it is not. Changed 2 hours this button.

Fløxsiff. says:

Bollocks video this is , you need this that and a fucking wrist harness ?

Crazy Candy Crush says:

She forgot to tell to remove the "Vibrator" before the screen can be removed. It is held by 2 screws.

Ryan W says:

Lots and lots of negative comments on this video. I can see that there are gaps in the video when it comes to detailed steps, but the step by step Repair Guide is invaluable. I must say the iPhone 4 is ANNOYING but why complain about that on this comment strain. The video and guide worked great. I haven't done this very much and I accomplished it in right around an hour and a half. Yes, it took a while, but not all of us have $750 for a new phone.

chamilak says:

😐 tell me how to fix it back urrrr…, it is not easy

Cinegames says:

3:52 new iPhone 7!

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