How To Fix A Bent Corner On A Wall. DIY DRYWALL REPAIRS.

How To Fix A Bent Corner On A Wall.  DIY DRYWALL REPAIRS.

Removing and repairing a bent corner metal on sheetrock or drywall, Cutting out, installing, and patching damaged corners. Simple sheetrock and drywall repair tutorials for the DIY homeowner or professional painter or handyman. Drywall installation tips. All the sheet rock repair hacks and hacks fixing drywall you can handle.

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The drywall tools and supplies I use are available right here:

Homax spray texture:
Homax orange peel texture:
Homax acoustic ceiling texture:
Crawfords spackle:
12″ taping knife:
6″ joint knife:
3M hand masker:
14″ mud tray:
1″ spackle knife:
Sheetrock knife:
Jib key hole saw:

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Charles Youngblood says:

Absolutely GREAT!

Jonathan Franco says:

You need to put mesh tape on each side of the corner bead to prevent cracks and also when mixing hot mud water always goes first in the pan then the powder helps to prevent clumps

Jack Man says:

Mud pan buddy 👍🏼

jimmy davila says:

best and faster way to mix your mud is a stir stick..way faster and paper tape on the side of the metal makes it much stronger…

Michel says:

Dont you use the Paper/plastic corners in the states?

We have a hard plastic corner with a layer of paper on the outside and on the inside its a adhesive that activates once it gets wet. So on new plaster corners we just spray with dash of water and wait 10 seconds, then place it. 20 seconds later the new perfect corner is not gonna come down unless the building falls.

Brian Olmes says:

Love the videos! The blooper was a neat touch. Adds some humor!

will Thepainter says:

Chris your the master!

Mad Dog Primer says:

Nice Job. Clear and simple. Mad Dog

Fred Flintstone says:

sanding the texture a little after it dries is good for knocking down the high spots, but a method I use that seems to work well is that as the texture is setting up I'll drag my wide drywall blade over the texture gently holding it fairly flat it to even out the texture.

leadpersuasion says:

One of the differences between professionals and amateurs in any trade is simply preparation. The finished product is always determined by the proper process and preparation. Keep up the good work, man!

Dylan York says:

It's lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Justin Underwood says:

mix with a 2" knife or a wood shim. that way you can pull across the pan.

naptownsfinest2345 says:

good tops like always TY

TheTexasCoder says:

Great video and AWESOME verse! Thank you for posting!

Karl T says:

Great video!!!

Karl T says:

If you put water first its easier to mix your mud.

Robert D says:

need your opinion again, what sheen do you use most in bedrooms / livingrooms ? Duration Home Matte any good ?

linh tran says:

Can you make a video on cutting in on popcorn ceiling?

SanativeRevolution says:

Thanks for the video! That 5min mud is great, you just gotta move fast with it depending on ambient temperatures. Also, I know time is money and you probably went a little faster to make a quick video, but letting the mud set a little longer will prevent gumming up your sanding sponge or paper. That "texture spraying body posture @9:18" is common, LOL. Shows you know your stuff! Thanks again!

edbasham1974 says:

Thanks for helping me train my newer guys. I always tell them to watch a few of your videos. You make us professional painters look good. I have 23 years experience, and am still always learning and developing new techniques.

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